Glutathione Therapy

Glutathione is a strong antioxidant naturally produced by our bodies and is present in all mammalian tissues as the most abundant non-protein thiol that defends against oxidative stress. Glutathione IV supplementation serves to: strength our immune system, detoxify the body, protect cells, boost metabolism, and decrease inflammation. As age, our body beings to produce less glutathione and factors such as diet, illness, stress, and trauma can make produce even less. Glutathione therapy then works get your body back to optimal levels of glutathione.


1How does Glutathione Therapy work and what does it treat?

By getting your body’s glutathione levels back to optimal level, your body is better able to eliminate contaminants. On a chemical level, glutathione contains three different types of amino acids (or the building blocks of proteins) and healthy sulfurs. Because of that composition, glutathione attracts contaminants like heavy metals and toxins, then enhances the elimination of them.

For treatment purposes, it can be used for any number of things. From getting the body back in balance to helping manage diseases like Alzheimer’s & Parkinson’s. In fact, because higher levels of glutathione help decrease inflammation, glutathione therapy can be used to help with: allergies, asthma, COPD, memory loss, and heart disease.

2What is an IV therapy?
Intravenous therapy or IV therapy is the administration of liquid substances directly into a vein. It can be intermittent or continuous (a continuous administration is called an intravenous drip). The word intravenous means “within a vein” and is most commonly referred to as an IV. IV’s are the fastest way to deliver fluids and medications throughout the body. We know needles can be intimidating but our staff has the medical training to make your experience as comfortable as possible.

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